Rent The Runway – Create A Closet In The Cloud


Business Insider reports on Rent The Runway’s interesting take on subscription clothing.

Six-year-old fashion startup Rent the Runway is behind Unlimited, which charges customers $139 per month to get three dresses, sweaters, handbags, or coats at a time. Before tax, that’s around $1,700 a year.

The idea is to create a “closet in the cloud,” according to Brooke Hartmann, senior vice president of subscription at Rent the Runway.

Imagine your closet has a trapdoor in the back and it opens to the Rent the Runway warehouse,” she tells Tech Insider.

Unlimited is still taking shape. The company has gone through multiple testing phases, first with a $75 accessories subscription and then with a $99 beta program, and there are stillkinks to be worked out. Hartmann says that there may be a tiered service coming soon, not unlike the newest iteration of ClassPass.

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