Love With Food Continues To Grow – More Gluten Free Boxes – International Expansion


Love With Food continues it’s expansion and growth.

Here’s how Food Business News reports on their gluten free expansion.

Love With Food acquired gluten-free subscription box services G-Free Foodie in 2014 and Taste Guru in 2015. Then, Love With Food moved further into the gluten-free category by acquiring Send Me Gluten Free, a monthly gluten-free subscription box service.

“The gluten-free market in the U.S. is at least $10 billion, and while a lot of people choose to be gluten-free, there is, of course, a category of people who are diagnosed with celiac disease,” Ms. Ong said. “This lifestyle is not going away and the gluten-free market is booming. That’s the reason why we have a big focus on gluten-free right now.

“Breaking into the market and building trust and credibility among the gluten-free community takes time and effort. That’s the reason why we acquired Send Me Gluten Free. They definitely have the gluten-free audience, which would add a lot more intangible trust to our brand, and they are very good at marketing, whereas we are very good at curating products and building a loyal subscriber base. I would say this is a win-win situation.”

Love With Food is also expanding internationally.

On Aug. 2, the company announced that its global expansion plans will begin shipping internationally to over 25 countries. Love With Food’s international customers will have the option to order The Deluxe Box, a sampling of 16 to 20 new surprise snacks starting at $16.50 per month, or The Gluten-Free Box, a sampling of 10 to 12 celiac-safe and mostly dairy-free snacks starting at $19.99 per month. In addition, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to international food banks to help fight world hunger.

Love With Food is offering an introductory shipping cost of $3.99 for the first 5,000 international customers to sign up. International shipping will begin with over 25 select countries, but the company plans to expand around the rest of the world shortly after.

“All around the globe, consumers are shifting away from long, large meals, and toward quick small bites, resulting in the snacking boom,” Ms. Ong said. “Snacking is not only big business, but a fast growing one. Based on a Nielsen report, global snacks sales grossed almost $4 billion annually. Hence, the decision for us to go global was more of a ‘when’ rather than an ‘if.’ We’ve received tens of thousands of requests asking for Love With Food from all over the world, so meeting this demand from our international fans has been a major priority for us. We’re very excited to finally offer Love With Food to people around the world who want to discover new all-natural snacks.”


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