Her Fashion Box Has Big Plans – Gets Funding


Here’s a report from RagTrader


Her Fashion Box founder Kath Purkis is a serial tech and fashion entrepreneur.

Starting her first company Le Black Book at just 21-years-old, Purkis launched her next and latest start-up Her Fashion Box six years later.

Purkis recently scored $200,000 in investment from Boost Juice founder Janine Allis and Morgan & Banks co-founder Andrew Banks in exchange for 16% equity.

“Subscription commerce was in its infancy stages here in Australia when we launched so we’ve custom built the best processes and back-end experience for a subscription business to be scalable,” Purkis said.

“Under our R&D grant we’ve been able to build out a whole new side of the business where we are rolling out into other verticals with partners this year – we’ve got a bucket load planned for 2016.”

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