The Fare Trade is a Subscription Box for Food – Curated by Celebrity Chefs


What’s really interesting about this food based subscription box is not only are the contents curated by celebrity chefs, but the chef gives a video lesson on cooking each recipe that uses the ingredients in each box.

Now THAT”s a bonus!

Here’s how SeattleNet reported this month’s box.

The Fare Trade, is a culinary members club that partners with chefs from across the country to send their choices of artisan food to subscribers.

It works like the subscription services that are transforming the fashion and beauty products world—only with food. When you sign up ($65 a month) at The Fare Trade, you’ll receive a monthly box with that month’s chef’s five food choices, along with recipes you can use them in.

Henderson’s picks for July’s box include pickled raisins from Renee Erickson, damson plum jam from Ayako and Family, dry-roasted hazelnuts from Holmquist Hazelnuts in Lyndon, sea salt from San Juan Island Sea Salt, and a 70 Percent Baking Bar from none other than Theo Chocolate. The recipes include salted chocolate mousse, pork chops with hazelnut gremolata, harissa-rubbed cauliflower with pickled raisins, and more.

Shipping is free; you can skip or cancel each month.

Here’s a link to The Fair Trade.