Ericka Perry of TheStorkBag discusses her subscription service


Here’s a delightful conversation with Ericka Perry of TheStorkBag.

The Stork Bag® is the first ever reusable subscription bag just for pregnant mamas! Launched in 2014, each Stork Bag is curated to match each trimester of pregnancy and includes many products created by other mom entrepreneurs and inventors. With The Stork Bag, you get between 8-12 handpicked surprise products in each bag and what better time to be showered with gifts than when you are expecting. The Stork Bag® was created to enhance the pregnancy experience for women by providing some of the best products for you throughout your pregnancy. Now you can have just what you want, when you want it without leaving the house!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, The PostBump Bag™ is introduced! The PostBump (Postpartum) Bag™ is the first fashionable, reusable bag, pre-filled with goodies specifically for postpartum mamas. The Stork Bag brand is also the home of, Bellie Bands™, Bellie Butter™, 9 Months of Happiness: Pregnancy Journal, and The Bellie Casting Kit™.

As a mother a myself, I sincerely hope that you enjoy each product and experience the love that is put into each of our bags and products, which are all assembled right here in the USA. Feel free to let us know some of your fav and not so fav items in your bag, we are adjusting our items constantly to keep up with the needs and wants of our customers.

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