A Conversation With The Founders Of NerdyPost.com


In this brief conversation you will meet Alexis and Josh Lampley, founders of NerdyPost.com

NerdyPost is a new subscription service for fan boys, fan girls, and nerds everywhere.  Their June offering was Harry Potter themed, and July was Game of Thrones.

Here’s how they describe their offerings on their website

Affordable, one-of-a-kind designs

We wanted to create a subscription service that was lightweight and easy to ship so that it would remain affordable for as many customers as possible, no matter their location in the world. But we wanted to provide unique, high-quality designs that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Hand lettering and illustrating these designs means that nothing is created using fonts or stock images from a computer. Designs are of course digitized in order to be printed on the products, but they will retain their hand-crafted quality.Everything is designed by Nerdy Post creator, Alexis {on Instagram as @dropandgivemenerdy}. You can watch her lettering in action on Instagram @Nerdy.Post!



Previous Boxes

JUNE 2016

Our inaugural box, we started this one off with our number one most requested fandom. Harry Potter. More specifically: Hogwarts. We have no doubt that we will be doing more Harry Potter themed boxes in the future, so instead of a broad theme like “Harry Potter” itself, we decided to focus on one aspect of this magical world: Hogwarts. Everything in the box relates to the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! A house crest print made entirely out of spells from all of the books and movies; a Prefect Badge button; a Hogwarts Castle sticker; a notepad featuring the words that open the Marauder’s Map of the school; and a bookmark featuring two opposing spells that every young witch and wizard must practice!

JULY 2016

There were so many great quotes to choose from with the Game of Thrones series. We tried to include something from a variety of main story lines, but truth be told, we wish we could have included several more! This was an exciting month because we had a bookish Tyrion quote print; a Night’s Watch vows sticker lettered in the shape of a Crow; Dany and Drogo’s pet names bookmark; a Many-Faced God coin button; a Waterdancer’s sage advice on a magnet; and a But it didn’t stop there! We also included an exclusive sneak peek to the newest Klevercase {also entirely lettered and illustrated by Alexis} complete with a 30% off code for the case!

Click here for the NerdyPost Website

Click here to see Alexis’ fantastic lettering videos on instagram.

Here’s Alexis’ extremely nerdy Instagram account.

And in conclusion….

Do you think their daughter will grow up nerdy?



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