8 best subscription boxes for men in the UK


The Independent covers the men’s sub boxes for the UK 

Here, we’ve rounded up the subscription packages that cater specifically to men, from fashion and grooming to food. Most operate on a monthly delivery basis, although many offer greater variety, if you want to receive the boxes less regularly, which can help to spread the costs.

1. Lifebox Men’s Health Subscription: £21.95 per month, Lifebox


For those determined to kick on with the health drive, but unsure of how to source the best foods, Lifebox has a solution. Packed into each monthly package is at least 12 products – in ours those ranged from a coconut milkshake to sugar- and dairy-free chocolate. This box is designed specifically to meet the nutritional needs of men, but there are others for women, vegans and kids over the age of three.

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2. London Sock Company Membership: from £10 per month, London Sock Company


No-one wants to be the man that, after taking off his shoes, reveals a stark big toe sticking out of a holey sock. Avoid such ignominy by becoming a member of the London Sock Company, which will deliver one, two or three pairs of brand new socks to your door each month. The British-made cotton pair we received, which had a miniature polka dot pattern, felt high-quality and were very comfortable.

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